LED product solutions

Our LED products will perfectly matches your green energy business. Our professionals are ready to listen and customize a tailor-made enterprise solution for you.


  • Low voltage drive, low power consumption
  • Directional light, high efficiency
  • Long life, up to 100,000 hrs
  • Environmentally friendly, pollution free
  • Full color
  • Nanosecond response
  • Flexible application

Solar energy solutions

Our solar energy system can be installed in homes, factories, commercial buildings and bus stops etc. It mainly consists of a photovoltaic battery (PV) panel and an energy storage unit which includes a battery, an inverter and a controller. The system is available either off-grid, on-grid or grid-connected.

For energy storage, our battery has many advantages such as long service time, excellent charging efficiency, high energy density, exceptional temperature performance, safety and zero pollution.

With great profile and easy installation, our solar system suits all kinds of environment.



Energy Monitoring System

Energy Monitoring System – use of different locations and different monitoring range. Suitable in factories, shopping malls, commercial buildings, office use. Monitoring range (electricity, water, temperature, CO2, etc.); self-generated reports and comparison charts (easy to report assessment). Alarm function (power capping warning device has built-in WEB data EMS100 connected to various types of power meters and sensors, automatically generate different contrast energy report)

The main function

  • Automatic reporting can choose a different way to export software
  • Energy reports completion and send e-mail to a specified inbox wood
  • Device compatibility: environmental sensors, temperature and humidity sensors
  • Optional different meter, water, HVAC and different transformer
  • Network Access Interface
  • All interfaces are available through WEB, located in the LAN access


  • Comparison of actual and projected energy: year, month, day
  • Energy type packets by the application
  • Device type packets to collect data such as elevators, lights, transformers and customized energy type
  • Harmonics and power factor change reports
  • Automatic Email report energy consumption warning and alarm notification ceiling
  • Equipment malfunction, stop and unlawful use of communications

Electric Car Charger

The Kellon charger ensures a high level of safety required for quick chargers, the transmit a considerably higher level of electric energy than general home appliances.

This new quick charger connector provides a high level of safety and also excellent operability, high durability and excellent design.

10KW portable Charger converts a 220Vac/380Vac voltage into DC voltage to directly charge an electric vehicle’s lithium ion battery. In addition, the charger utilizes a CHAdeMO compliant communications protocol and power connector.

The main function

  • Excellent Output Current
    Max 10KW, output current limited 20A;
  • Excellent Operability
    Charging is performed by only inserting a plug into a vehicle-side inlet. After charging is completed, push a buttom and withdraw the plug.
  • User-friendly Design
    This connector is designed to operate viscerally by having handle shape.
  • Safety Design
    The connector has automated triple safety lock system.
    Which prevents the disconnection of connector from vehicle-side inlet accidentally during charging.
  • A Wide Range of Operation Tempreature
    Kellon charger can be used under a wide range of environmental temperature from -30ºC to 50ºC.
  • High Flexibility and Durability
    Easy-bend and tough rubber is used for the cable.
  • Temperature detection function.